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Is it my role as a company to take care of the mental health of my employees?

Beyond the legal texts requiring companies to prevent psychosocial risks, it is in your interest to make mental health the cornerstone of your quality of life program at work. Indeed, 86% of employees believe that their employer is responsible for their mental health.* Behind these figures are hidden costs for your company: disengagement, work stoppage with salary maintenance + use of temporary workers, resignation, etc. Beyond the human cost, mental health represents a major financial issue with an estimated cost of €12,600 / employee and per year, caused by situations of absenteeism, burnout and turnover that we help you prevent. *Alan Mental Health Barometer, 2022.

What is the advantage of using external support rather than an internal solution?

Only 7% of employees talk about their psychological difficulties to their superior*. Using an external and independent solution gives your employees a guarantee of security and confidentiality. This allows them to discuss freely on professional and personal subjects. *Alan Mental Health Barometer, 2022.

I'm not sure that my employees will be interested in this solution.

The quality of life at work suffers from a paradigm: the need to appear attractive at all costs. We wanted to convince ourselves that what is pleasant also covers our needs in terms of physical and mental health. This is what has made football tables so popular in recreation rooms. The objective is not to be attractive, but to provide a solution to real problems that can arise within any company. Meeriad allows you to provide each of your employees with a solution available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, confidential and personalized, in order to prevent psychosocial risks, but also to intervene when necessary.

My health insurance already covers psychologist consultations, I don't want to duplicate.

This is not a problem, quite the contrary. In addition to not having to pay for the consultations that you already finance through your health insurance company, Meeriad will allow you to supplement this system while increasing its use. Indeed, we are on average 40 times more used than a traditional hotline solution.



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